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The Internet is always expanding, growing and evolving. With Frontier High-Speed Internet you can manage your finances, stream music and movies, update your social media accounts and do so much more without waiting on a slow Internet connection. With Frontier, your Internet experience is powered by the bandwidth you need. Frontier provides dependable Internet and so much more. Add home phone and digital TV to save. The more services you add to your Internet by Frontier, the more money you will save each month.

Frontier Internet

Why Choose Frontier for Your Internet?

You have a choice for your Internet. But Frontier knows that a quick, reliable Internet connection is important for service you can count on. Beyond Internet speed, Frontier delivers free bonuses and a two-year price lock.

Some of the free bonuses include:

  • Home WiFi: With an Internet service plan by Frontier, you get a WiFi hotspot through the free modem included with your service. All of your devices will work throughout your home.
  • ESPN3 Sports: ESPN3 games, updates and team information are free with home Internet by Frontier. All you have to do is to tune into Watch ESPN using your Frontier connection.
  • Professional Installation: Frontier's Internet experts can professionally install your service. An extra $100 savings is also available. Just ask how.
Frontier Internet

Frontier Powers the Internet for the Whole Family

In your home, Frontier can provide fast Internet that connects everyone across all of their devices in your home. With Frontier High-Speed Internet, you get up to eight email addresses free, 24/7 technical support and 100 MB of storage space for starting your own webpage or use however you need. Online security solutions add to your great Frontier High-Speed Internet experience, keeping your data safe and protecting your freedom on the web.

Frontier Secure Protects You Online

With Frontier Internet service, Frontier Secure protects you while you browse, shop and use the web. Frontier Secure is customizable through choice of parts that make sense for your online activity. You can secure as many as three devices with Frontier Internet service plans that include customized protection against malware, viruses and hackers.

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